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Death Doula Services and Offerings

Note: Due to the nature of my work, online booking is not available. Please use the link under Discovery Call to schedule an initial call to discuss the services you require.

Payment plans and sliding scales are available for all services.

Discovery Call | required

Free 30-minute consultation to assess how you can be best supported. This can be done over the phone, Zoom, or Google Duo.


Grief Space | $30

A private 60-minute one-on-one grief space. This service is for anyone that needs to scream, cry, rant, grieve, and process your feelings with someone that will hold that sacred space for you to be as you are and not be judged for it. You’re in absolute control of everything we do or don’t talk about – or if we talk at all. Some people need a shoulder to cry on, others just need company that they won't (or can't) get anywhere else; either way, you will be witnessed. You will be met with compassion and kindness. You will be heard loud and clear.

Life and Mortality Sessions | $85+

A 90-minute one-on-one session focusing on facing one’s own anxiety and fear surrounding death. This service is for those afraid to speak of anything surrounding the topic of death due to taboo, misplaced shame, unprocessed grief, or for simple curiosity. We leave our judgement and shame at the door and hopefully leave room for self-exploration outside of these sessions. Bring an open mind -- and your favorite snacks!

Rates are discounted if purchased as a package.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist, nor am I qualified to give medical or psychiatric advice. If you are in need of therapy, please refer to a professional that can better help you with your needs.

In lieu of COVID-19, this service is currently only offered virtually, for your personal safety.

Daytime or Overnight Grief Doula | $75/hr (sliding scale)

Currently only available in Georgia

You're in the process of losing someone....or you've lost them. The world is still moving on like nothing happened and you're struggling to move around to do your daily tasks with the weight that's been put on your shoulders. Upkeep in your home is probably the last thing that's on your mind, and so is cooking, cleaning, answering the phone, making calls to an abundance of companies to tell them your loved one has passed, or even taking care of yourself. 

As a grief doula, you won't be alone in any of that. My duties to you would include:

- help with light house cleaning

- preparing meals and snacks

- redirecting and answering unwanted phone calls

- light personal upkeep (ex. hair care, picking out clothes -- does not include heavy caregiver work)

- babysitting (age 3+)

- holding space for your grief in all its forms (even the forms that seem burdensome)

This service is offered on a sliding scale and requires a 4-hr minimum.

Last Call | $90

The Last Call service was created as a way to ease the emotional burnout and fatigue that comes with losing a family member. This two-hour service includes making difficult phone calls to extended family and friends, doctors, places of membership, and banks and contacting funeral homes to get pricing estimates for their services and products so you can spend your time with your family and loved ones.

For Spiritual Work

These services are for those looking for spiritual work done for themselves.

Note: I have every right to refuse service if I feel the type of spell work you're asking about is unethical or immoral by my own standards and beliefs.

Spell work Consultation | $50

With this service, you'll get a 45-minute session to tell me what's going on with your particular situation. Afterwards, I'll give you a detailed list of herbs, tools, crystals, amulets, sigils, candles, etc. that you'll need for whatever work you need done. Whether it's for protection, banishing, attraction and love, shadow work, money/career, road opening or otherwise, you'll leave this session empowered enough to carry out your own magic and have the confidence to believe it will work. This can be for simple spells or rituals.

Note: You need to be truthful. You need to be honest. You need to approach this service with integrity and with the understanding that what you require might not be what you're hoping to hear. Sometimes people want a love spell to get back with their ex when what they really need is a cord cutting. Sometimes people want a road opener and discover their close loved ones that they'd never suspect are the obstacles or the ones causing harm. It happens. Please have an open mind.


I also cannot do your work for you because you'll never learn if someone else does it for you; I could never rob you of an opportunity to learn and deepen your understanding of your own power.


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